Available Courses
- Certificate II in Business
- Certificate III in Business
- Certificate IV in Business
- Diploma of Leadership and Management
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for February 2021

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    Why Study a Vocational course?

    Affordable & Flexible

    When you compare price with University, VET is very affordable, VET is also flexible. This is ideal for those who want to start working and earning a wage sooner.

    Pathway program

    Vocational qualifications allow for progression. You may wish to start with a simpler Certificate II and then progress to Certificate III and onward to a Diploma, the choice is yours. You can leave and return to your VET pathway at any time.

    Recognized qualification

    A VET qualification is nationally recognized by employers and Universities. This means that an employer will understand you have completed a post-secondary tertiary qualification and a University will give you course credit should you wish to go on to University study.

    Courses We Provide

    Studying at ACPC will ensure you receive an exceptional level of service and a high-quality education

    Certificate II in Workplace Skills


    (CRICOS Course Code: 105307H)

    Certificate III in Business


    (CRICOS Course Code: 105306J)

    Certificate IV in Business


    (CRICOS Course Code : 105302B)

    Certificate IV in Leadership and Management


    (CRICOS Course Code: 110349M)

    Diploma of Project Management


    (CRICOS Course Code : 105299C)

    Diploma of Leadership and Management


    (CRICOS Course Code: 104413C)

    Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management


    (CRICOS Course Code : 105300D)

    Advanced Diploma of Program Management


    (CRICOS Course Code: 110350G)

    Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)


    (CRICOS Course Code: 105301C)